Privacy policy.

Being registered on a website you give us the permission to use of your Personal data according to this Privacy policy. You own your Personal data and we value your trust, so we use your information, strictly observing this Privacy policy.
At registration of your account on a website and at the further use of a website we receive from you a few types of data:

Personal data.
We receive your name, email address. This information identifies you personally. At registration we also ask you to specify the country of residence and the additional information which does not identify you personally.
If you connect to the website using social networks, we may also receive information from your account in a social network, including the Personal data, user name, email address, profile photos and any other information which you have chosen to make available.

Published information.
The information, which you publish on a website, texts, photos, video concerning to you personally. The information in the personal profile, accessible publicly. Note that all published and accessible publicly personal information can be used and viewed by other users. Also this category includes all information which you write us on email and the information published about you by other users. The administration of a site does not bear responsibility for the information which you include in published materials.

Personal data for paid services.
At use of any paid services of a website it is also necessary for you to disclose us the Personal data including, name, address, email address, phone number, credit card details and other personally identifying information. If you do not provide your Personal data at use of paid services, we cannot confirm your purchase or fulfill your booking.

At use of our website our server automatically receives your IP address. The IP address is assigned by your Internet Service Provider and does not identify you personally. To help us analyze the usage of our websites and related services, we also collect and keep track of other Information such as your website searches and bookings on our site. For example, if you travel often or look through materials of the certain countries and directions we can send you notification messages and offers for those destinations. If you are subscribed to any of our email marketing communications, notification messages and advertising from our website, it is necessary for you to give us your email address and other information, for example your home country.
In some instances we may ask more detail information about you, for example the demographic data, gender, age, travel habits, etc. This data are necessary for formation of the suitable offer for mailings and advertising for you.

We also obtain the additional data. For example, when you publish photos or video on a site, we can receive information about a photo or video, date, time and a shooting place.
"Cookies" are pieces of information that are stored by your web browser on your computer's hard disk, for record-keeping purposes. Cookies only identify your computer; they does not identify you personally.
We use cookies for storage of your preferences, record session information, we collect information on how you visit and access our website. With cookies we adapt our web pages under your requirements. We also use cookies for the analysis of efficiency of our advertising, email communications, and site functions.
You can turn off the cookies on your computer, but it will limit your use of our website. More in detail about changing your browser's cookie settings you can learn in corresponding sections of your web browser.

We also use third-party advertising companies to serve ads while you are visiting our websites and we permit these companies to place and access their own cookies on your computer in the course of serving advertisements. Such companies have no access to the data we receive through ours cookies. The companies using their cookies on our site follow their own Privacy policy.

How We Use Your Personal Information.

We use your personal data in the following ways:
To provide you with the information you request about our products
To send you email marketing messages and information
To fulfill your bookings
To confirm your purchases
To measure and track demographic details about our customers
To target content on our website to more closely match your interests
To target the appropriate content for email marketing messages to better match your interests
To make operations as elimination of errors, the analysis of the data, tests, researches and improvement of services

If you connect to Travelunga using an account in social networks, your friends, in the social networks, using Travelunga, may also share with us the information about you through the social networks. If you wish to prevent that sharing, please review your account privacy settings in your social network.

You can also choose to access third-party social media websites and services through Travelunga. When you do so, you are sharing information with those sites, and the information you share is governed by their privacy policies.

We receive a part of the personal information from you together with the partners, companies which provide services or the goods you buy on our site. We only provide our partners with your name and your local contact details, if you provide them (your phone number, mobile phone number, etc.). We do not give to partners any other personal information about you.

We also share your Personal Information with third parties contracted to provide us with marketing and data reporting services who are bound by an obligation of confidentiality.

In certain cases we can use or disclose the personal information:
Under applicable law, including laws outside your country of residence;
To comply with legal process;
To respond to requests from public or government authorities, including public or government authorities outside your country of residence;
To enforce our terms and conditions;
For protection of our operations and software;
For protection our rights or the rights of others, privacy, safety of property;
In cases allowing to limit a damage caused to us or to provide legal protection.

We may use and disclose your Published information which is not identifying you personally, for any purposes. In some instances, we may combine your Published information with your Personal information (for example your name with your geographical location). In that case combined information will be considered by us as the Personal information, as long as it is so combined.

Email Communications.
We may send to you emails about updatings and changes on a site, news about the companies and services, notifications on programs and contests, which we believe may be interesting to you. We will give you the opportunity to select the mailing lists for email through a subscription feature.
If you are no longer interested in receiving future email marketing communications from us, you can unsubscribe from our emails via:
“Unsubscribe” function in our emails which you will receive from us in first time;
Direct email to our email address with request to unsubscribe from commercial emails.
If you opt-out of receiving future marketing communications from us, we will continue to send to you emails regarding your purchases and bookings, and regarding administrative information such as changes to our terms, policies, technical changes on a website, etc.

Cooperation with the partners.
On the website Travelunga we place offers of services and goods of the partner’s companies. Such companies may have privacy policies that differ from Travelunga’s Privacy Policy..
At purchase of services or the goods, from the companies of partners, through Travelunga, some of the companies can ask you to give the additional information on you (for example a health information) to determine whether you can use services which you bought, and also other Personal data not provided by you on Travelunga. Information provided by you directly to the company partner is governed by their privacy policies, but not ours.
If you decide to provide any Personal information directly to our partners, we recommend that you review their privacy policy to determine how such company may use or disclose your Personal Information.

Some companies partners may works in countries that do not have laws or regulations for the protection and safeguarding of Personal Information. We try to work with partners who adhere to privacy policies similar to ours, despite the absence of rules or laws for the protection and storage of information in the country of such partners. However we cannot make all partners adhere to this policy, and especially not to violate it. If the privacy of your Personal data is violates by one of our partners, we encourage you to notify us of such violations. We will take appropriate action, including the rupture of relations with these partners to continue to avoid such violations.

Security measures.
We make every effort to maintain the integrity and security of your Personal Information.
We use industry-standard encryption protocols when receiving and transferring your Personal Information.
We aspire to store your Personal information in the secure operating environments which are inaccessible to the general public, and to have appropriate security measures at our physical facilities for protection your personal information against loss, damage, misuse or alteration by our employees or the third parties.
However, we cannot absolutely guarantee safety of your personal information as any date transmission through the Internet or the data storage environment cannot be absolutely safe. Travelunga does not bear responsibility for the consequences arising owing to unapproved access to your personal information. If you have any reason to believe that your privacy is violated, we ask you to inform us about it. We will take all appropriate measures in order to identify whether there has been any unauthorized use of your data, and inform you about the results of our actions and the actions taken.

Removal of the personal information.
We store your data from the moment of registration and until removal of your account.
If you, for any reason, have decided to stop use Travelunga, you can delete your account.
After removal of an account by you, your information will be removed from the website forever in a current of 30 days. Removal of some fragments of the data in backup copies and registers can last till 90 days.
Some information required for provide services to you, so we remove this information only after the removal of your account.

The information, described in Terms, paragraphs 6.3, 6.4, can be deleted only upon your written request, before deleting your account. Method of removing such information is described in the Terms, paragraphs 6.3, 6.4.

Transfer of ownership of Travelunga.
In case of a sale the website Travelunga or merger with another company, we may pass your data to the new owner so that they could continue to provide services. The new owner will be required to comply with the commitments that we have undertaken in this Privacy Policy.

Changes and additions.
With the development of our website, we will make changes or additions to our Privacy policy. We reserve the right to change and supplement this Privacy Policy. Notification messages about changes will be published on our website in the News section. We recommend you to check regularly this Privacy policy for changes and additions. By using Travelunga, after changes or additions to this Privacy Policy, you confirm your acceptance of those changes and additions.

Communication with Administration.
If you have any questions about the changes or additions of your Personal data, as well as on this Privacy policy, you may contact us by email

Sincerely yours, Administration of Travelunga!